The Pulsors are available in three different sizes, which differ in their
air consumption and sphere of effect
The Pulsors can completely be installed from the outside to any existing bin.
They are therefore especially suited for a quick and easy retrofit.

ALBRECHT Pulsors can easily be installed from the outside:

The nozzle tube which carries the nozzle head is screwed into the cylindrical body of the Pulsor.

The Pulsor is fixed to the vessel wall via a weld-on pipe nipple and rigidly screwed on using a taper seat pipe union.

The nozzle cap projects about 20 mm into the vessel, through a hole drilled concentrically to the welded pipe nipple.
Cross section of Pulsor and Impulse Nozzle

The Pulsors are activated by opening a diaphragm valve connected in series. As soon as compressed air is admitted, the generation of the air pulses begins.

The on-time of the Pulsor as a rule is only about 0.75 seconds. The activation is repeated after a pause time, varying from a few seconds to minutes, depending on requirements and product properties.

The activation of the Pulsors is usually controlled by a clock generator unit which is started simultaneously with the particular discharge device.

Compressed air supply

The Pulsors require dried and compressed air with a pressure of 4 to 8 bar (~60 - 120 psi).

The supply pipes must be of sufficient size in order to ensure a minimum supply pressure of 4 bar during operation.

Typical values will be NW 40 (1½") for the main supply pipes and NW 25 1") for the branch pipes to the single Pulsors.

Compressed air supply Functional monitoring

The Pulsors can be equipped with electronic monitoring sensors.

These sensors are inductive proximity switches with an internal time delay element which are integrated into the Pulsor's cover. The sensor monitors the oscillation of the Pulsor‘s valve plate and furnishes a signal if no movement is detected after activation.

Technical Data:
(To suit any application there are three unit sizes available:)
Type 100 Type 150 Type 300
Diameter of Pulsor 110 mm 160 mm 310 mm
Nominal width of nozzle tube 1/2 " 1 " 1 1/2 "
Nominal width of welding nipple 3/4 " 1 1/2 " 2 "
Weight (Pulsor, nozzle, valve) 3,5 kg 5,5 kg 21 kg
Size of air supply hose 3/4 " 1 " 1 "
Air consumption at 6 bar pressure and pulse time of 0.75 sec
in standard litres, (atmospheric pressure)
30 l 75 l 150 l


Pulsor body:         Cast Aluminium
Nozzle tube:         Stainless steel no: 1.4571
Nozzle head:        Stainless steel no: 1.4112, hardened